As the Jewelry Exporters’ Association, we are aware that one of the important stages of increasing exports is the work of our designers. The Designer Club and Jewellery Design Competition are our annual events organized by our association.

The Designer Club event is featured every year at the Istanbul Jewellery Fair. It is organized to provide valuable masters and designers in our industry with job opportunities, allowing them to introduce products they have created with quality workmanship and production capacity in their small workshops to our industry and global buyers through their efforts. In addition, our Designer Club project has become an event known worldwide and includes our designers from abroad.

The Jewellery Design Competition is an important competition for the industry that we organize every year, culminating in a gala night and award ceremony. We consider it a duty to support every effort that contributes to the development of our industry. For this purpose, we organize the Jewellery Design Competition every year to bring new designs and designers to our industry.

The competition, held annually with a changing theme, has been organized by the Jewellery Exporters’ Association since 2009.

To participate in our platform created to train designers and bring designers to the sector, you can become a member at and have the chance to participate in the Designer Club and Jewellery Design Competition by adding your designs. You can also follow current developments, opportunities, and enhance your business network.

Please click the link below in order to register: