1. Who can participate in the competition? Can architecture and industrial design students participate as well?

Students and professionals from all disciplines, including architecture and industrial design, can participate in the competition.


  1. Can foreign students also participate in the competition?

Yes, foreign students can also participate in the competition.


  1. How can I apply for the competition?

Our website provides detailed information on the application process for the competition (http://mucevhertasarimyarismasi.com.tr/basvuru/). Online applications can be submitted through designer.turkishjewellery.org, or the application package can be sent by mail or delivered in person to the competition secretariat. Your application will be complete after both stages are approved.


  1. What are the participation numbers for the competition?

Last year, we received nearly 800 applications, and around 350 presentation board were submitted.


  1. Is it necessary to draw product details in three dimensions on the technical drawing presentation board?

Your presentation board should be prepared in a way that best describes your product. However, unless a very specific detailed analysis is created, there is no need for a three-dimensional technical or detailed description. If needed, individuals responsible for the production stages may request detailed information from the top 10 finalists during the production process.


  1. Can we see examples of presentation boards from previous years?

Below are sample presentation board visuals. However, to examine the projects of previous winners, you can review our catalogs on our website (www.mucevhertasarimyarismasi.com.tr/kataloglar/).


  1. Will the designer be granted copyright if the designs submitted to the competition are used, but do not win any prizes?

The responsibility for the designer’s copyright rests with the designer, and according to copyright law, the designer can register it in their name. If a manufacturing company wishes to use the design, the process will proceed according to the agreement between the manufacturing company and the designer. The competition is not responsible for this process; it only publishes visuals of the designs that reach the finals and showcases the products if produced.


  1. If selected for the final, do designers need to find sponsor companies for the production of their designs? How does the process proceed?

Sponsor companies are founded by the Jewelry Exporters’ Association. After coordination by the association, the responsibility for guiding and informing the production process of the product lies with the designer. The producer will try to fulfill the designer’s requests for stones, mechanisms, and forms within their capabilities. You can review previously produced designs and products in the catalogs on the website.


Designers can also find sponsors for the production of their products that reach the final.


For example, a designer participating from outside Istanbul may prefer to have their product produced in their city to more easily monitor the production stages, or a designer working for a company may have their employer interested in producing their design. The crucial rule to note is that ‘The authorized person of the sponsoring company should not be one of the jury members for that year.’ Therefore, none of the officials from the company found by the designer should be on the jury.


  1. Should the designs submitted to the competition be computer-drawn or hand-drawn?

There is no restriction on whether the designs submitted to the competition should be hand-drawn or prepared in a digital environment (computer). You can apply to the competition in either way.