About Us

The Jewellery Design Competition has been successfully organized since 2009 by Jewelry Exporters’ Association. The competition aims to encourage creativity in jewelry design and create a platform for the development of striking, contemporary designs. Simultaneously, it assists in introducing young, successful, and creative designers to the industry. The competition not only fosters the creation of award-winning products and designs but also contributes to the development of high-value-added products, thus popularizing jewelry design. The awareness generated by the competition has led young designers to increasingly choose jewelry and accessory design as their working field.

The Jewelry Exporters’ Association also aims to enhance the competitive power of the Turkish jewelry sector in exports through this competition. Some of the works submitted to the competition have the chance to be produced, and the designers of these projects may find employment opportunities in exporting companies.

The selective jury panel includes renowned designers, industry professionals, top executives from established companies in Turkey and worldwide, as well as officials from the Istanbul Minerals and Metals Exporters’ Association (İMMİB). Numerous projects have been honored with awards in the competition.

The competitions, attended by creative and talented designers each year, receive attention from industrialists and media organizations alike.